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In yet another attempt to postpone my resented final exam, and in the likes of many radio shows and blogs airing around this time of year, I too, will post my favourite 10 tracks of the year.

Man Man – Easy Eats or Dirty Doctor Galapagos (mp3)

It was hard to pick a favourite from Six Demon Bag as it's an album easy to just throw on and even get the furniture in your room bouncing. The decorative atmosphere, created by songs like "Easy Eats or Dirty Doctor Galapagos", perfectly supplements the chaotic theatrics of these men dressed all in white and face paint leaping around stage at their performances.

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos (mp3)

Mentioned by myself and Camilla, the Sun Giant EP, from Fleet Foxes, is a new beacon shooting from Seattle. With a lot of love and lust to be had a lost this year, "Mykonos" marks another nostalgic moment trapped in time.

Beach House – Gila (mp3)
Also used as a procrastination tool last spring, the vibrations of "Gila"’s eerie swaying beat paints a slow-motion blur of an intoxicated final fuck between two ex-lovers.

The Lord Dog Bird – The Gift of Song in the Lion’s Den (mp3)

Another artist from Baltimore, his sound has been likened to other Jagjaguwar sign-ees, such as Bon Iver and Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug. Colin McCann’s solo project, The Lord Dog Bird organically emotes throughout the self-titled album. The lo-fi production of this track automatically sets of a tone of backwards glancing memories.

Lil Wayne – A Millie (mp3)

Loved by all, this crowd pleaser deserves a spot on my list. Crank your bass and pop puns like Orville Redenbacher.

Animal Collective - Water Curses (mp3)

From their EP, Water Curses, Animal Collective deliver us into another psychedelic dreammare.

Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof (mp3)

I’m happy for bands that gain success and acclaim for producing palatable and uplifting music. Their debut album undeniably backdrops a portrait of the clouds parting focusing on a cartoon bluebird chirping as the sun cuts through a rainbow to illuminate the bouncing curls of a young girl adorned with yellow rubber boots, splashing a puddle. Check out Vincent Moon's video of these guys on la blogotheque.

Born Ruffians - I Need a Life (mp3)

And if you see a full grown girl with curly hair and yellow rubber boots, stifling dance moves at a bus stop, that's likely me listening to "I Need a Life"

Cold War Kids – Saint John (mp3)

The faltering beat of this song drags a crippled ex-convict limping into the sunset.

Kanye West (ft. Chris Martin) – Homecoming (mp3)

As a throw-back to my love for Coldplay, I must send recognition to Chris Martin’s collaboration with Kanye West. I was introduced to this track when flipping through channels and stopped at the familiar sight of the profile of a buzzed head rhythmically slouching over a piano. But, the awkward silhouette of Martin’s dance moves attempting to be g’d up from the feet up seriously caught my attention. I hope you enter into the new year with the same sense of emancipation and celebration that this song evokes.

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Why can't I stop listening to 'A Millie', why?

It makes me feel so 'dutty', and so 'south'

knawww what i mean?


January 14, 2009 at 10:40 p.m.  

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