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For Marcus.
I try to keep up with the boys of Stella (i.e. the best TV show ever created) as much as possible. They're all bloggers too which makes them extra special. If you didn't already know, Stella is a show that ran one season on the Comedy Network but got cancelled due to poor ratings (this says nothing about its worth!) They have the perfect combination of inappropriate, oddball, slapstick and pop culture reference humour. I think I've watched the season at least 7 times now. They also did a show called The State which was more sketch-comedy oriented. Word on the street is, they're making a reunion movie.

Michael Showalter is probably my most favourite comedian in the world. I saw him live with Eugene Mirman at the Horseshoe Tavern a couple of years ago and I've never laughed so hard in my life. And he's come out with a CD! Sandwiches & Cats has somewhat recently been released on JDub Records. It includes a couple of comedic songs and appearances by Eugene Mirman and Janeane Garoffalo. He also has a web series called the Michael Showalter Showalter which is put on by It's a bit of a mock talk-show interviewing such comedians as Paul Rudd, Zach Galifanakis, and Andy Samberg.

some stand-up: Seroquil
Michael Showalter Showalter: the one with Andy Samberg

Michael Ian Black
has a CD out entitled I am a Wonderful Man.

This is all I have to say:

If I have a slave

The third of the trio David Wain directed The Ten this year which is a film starring Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, and Paul Rudd. I need to rent it soon along with The Baxter and some hot chocolate. He happens to have a web series out too on

Episode 1: Shelly
The Ten Trailer

Merry crystalmethmas everyone

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