We All Inherit the Moon

My first post for shaved orange! Watch out it will be a long one! You may have read comments of mine or some of the little posts I made on my own blog which is lined on the left here, The Action Index, there I post radio playlists and some little posts about bands I am generally stoked about. So anyways my first post is going to be about the band We All Inherit the Moon.
If you like post-rock bands like Mono, This Will Destroy You, etc then you should take a listen!!

We All Inherit the Moon, briefly called Fuck, I’m a Ghost, is the current band of ex Indian Summer member Adam. Now I can’t begin to say how much I love Indian Summer. I think everyone should listen to this band; they were really only around for 1993-1994 but what an impact. They did a tour with CaP’n Jazz during that year too!

So before I talk more about We All Inherit the Moon, I am going to start off with a little section devoted to all that is Indian Summer. An emo band from Oakland they really made great use of the loud-soft dynamics with build ups to some pretty chaotic climaxes. They released one self titled 7”, 3 split 7”s with Curent, Embasy and Ordination of Aaron, while also contributing tracks to 3 compilations during their lifespan. In total their recorded discography totals only 9 tracks. While they also have 2 recordings of live performances at Pitzer College in 93 and KZSU (the Blue Universe) which included different takes on the 9 songs as well as 2 more untitled tracks. Well I take part of that statement back as all of their songs are untitled by the band, all the names that exist anywhere are given by the fans. This band near their end was playing or trying to play with complete improvisation, the song Orchard was improvised when it was recorded. I can’t not begin to fathom the influence this band, which is still largely popular in various circles, has had on so many bands. Their discography cd Science 1994 that was released in 2002 by Adam on his futurerecordings label sold out and was going for upwards of $100 on ebay this past year, before he reissued it with a lovely new screenprinted box +cd (which I own now!). Check them out at their myspace HERE

Now to lead up to We All Inherit the Moon where some of the members are currently. Marc plays in Her Space Holiday, Seth plays in a free jazz trio called the eASTERN sEABOARD where as Adam moved onto a few bands with his brother before now forming We All Inherit the Moon.

Now We All Inherit the Moon, as I stated before very slow progressing beautiful pieces. The album is being pressed on vinyl for a 5 song mini-EP with laser etching and hand sewn covers! The album is for download for free off their myspace HERE. You can also view their blog and some interesting recording tips HERE

They should be getting their vinyl in the next 2 weeks or so.

[MP3] Part III by We All Inherit the Moon

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