I think there should be a term for electronic artists who kind of make fun of themselves, like the anti-folk of the electronic world (correct me if there is already a term). Stephane Laporte is a lovely artist from Paris, France who incorporates this and that (analog and digital) into his songs creating stellar experimental pop hooks. We're not talking about dance music this time either. I'm quite sure this album is a story and I intend on figuring it out, even if it's just a story about Stephane in his bedroom with his instruments and his software. And who knew chipmunk vocals could sound good in a context other than Theodore wanting a hula hoop for Christmas?

domotic-i hate you forever (mp3) from the album Ask for Tiger
domotic-captain forests world of advice (mp3) from the album Ask for Tiger

Note: So now that I've finally discovered Z share, we can actually upload whatever f'ing mp3s we want for you to stream and download as opposed to praying to blog (heh) the song I want is on the artist's and/or record label's web page. This is the best.
Also, it seems our authors are coming and going like this is some sort of chandelier-encrusted brothel. We just want cool people posting cool stuff in a larger variety of genres.

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