Ode to All Things Krug

(le sigh)
Where do I even begin.........

Fifths of Seven - Rosa Centifolia (mp3)

Fifths of Seven are Spencer Krug, Beckie Foon (A Silver Mt. Zion), and Rachel Levine (Cakelk). The magically meandering Rosa Centifolia is from their album Spry from Bitter Anise Folds released 2005.

Sunset Rubdown - The Mending of the Gown (mp3)
Sunset Rubdown - The Courtesan has Sung (mp3)
Sunset Rubdown - Winged/Wicked Things (mp3)

Alright, so Random Spirit Lover has been moving my heart since last October. Here's a selection of my favourites from the album. Mending of the Gown jump-starts the album in a frenzy of sound. The Courtesan has Sung slowly creeps, with a marching beat and pulsing yodelling, towards an explosion of angelic chanting... sounds like wind blowing through your hair. I am similarly moved by Winged/Wicked Things' unexpected epic fanfare juxtaposed by a comparatively timid introduction.

Swan Lake - All Fires (mp3)
So here is a lovely song by Swan Lake: Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes) and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) . Dan Bejar starts touring April 16th, for his recent release, Trouble in Dreams, with Merge Records.

But I digress; back to the object of my affection. Here is my favourite Spencer Krug related song:

Sunset Rubdown - Ill Believe in Anything and You'll Believe in Anything (mp3)
This track is a little older, from Snake's Got a Leg (2005). Wolf Parade also has a version of this song. Without exaggeration, it's one of my favourite songs in history and I'm posting the Sunset version because I prefer the raw distorted quality of this take on the song. Looking forward to Kissing the Beehive, Wolf Parade's next album out on Sub Pop June 17!

Speaking of Wolf Parade, my initial intent in writing this was, in fact, to post THIS song
Handsome Furs - What We Had (mp3)
(which Krug actually has nothing to do with). But, since Boekner and Krug are buddies in Wolf Parade, I flew off on a tangent, and Ode to All Things Krug was born.

Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and wife Alexei Perry are the Handsome Furs. Here are some of their wedding photos.

I like the party favours.

Krug was at the wedding, too!

3 thoughts:

i didn't know they were coming out with a new album!

April 8, 2008 at 12:46 a.m.  

"like wind blowing through your hair"

April 8, 2008 at 7:31 p.m.  

great comprehensive post. cant wait for the new album

April 10, 2008 at 1:24 a.m.  

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