Baltimore you say?

That Nevin fellow is right, whoever he is. A lot of good comes out of Baltimore. Metal Hearts are one of those bands that sound like generic indie rock at first, but after a few listens you notice those few slight things that make them unique. Socialize is an album that unfolds ever so slowly and the emotion it initially gave changes over and over again.
Metal Hearts-foothills (mp3)
Metal Hearts-socialize (mp3)

This one is from B for Brooklyn. Spider is so delicate and pretty. I would compare her to crepe paper. However, apparently she was a Zeppelin and Grateful Dead lover at 15 and learned to play a lot of their songs on guitar. Atta girl.

Spider-The Ballad of Clementine Jones (mp3)
Spider-Midnight on the Nile (mp3 clip)

P.S. I now own glass slippers. You can call me Cinderelli.

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