SALEM & ambiguous claims

I guess there's some marketing appeal to making your band very elusive. This band has two myspace pages for whatever reason and neither seems to want to give any information about themselves at all really, just some nondescript symbols all under the black and white theme they have going. From what I can tell, the first address are their initials (JJHHMM) rearranged. And their album will be called FuCKT and released on Disaro Records (I could be wrong however). Picture The Knife and Burial having a listening party together and then playing with their vocoders to create something new. Perhaps Sonic Hauntology will be the Electro-pop of 2008.

Sweat (mp3)
Brustreet (mp3)

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I have fallen completely in love with this group. I feel the dark occult sound and look are gonna be huge in the coming seasons. Super glad you have their track Sweat because they took it off one of their myspaces. Now to find the file...

September 19, 2008 at 2:57 a.m.  

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