It's not just a Hallmark holiday folks..


So here is my latest obsession... Spreepark. They're from Edmonton slash Calgary and they're actually damn great. I don't mind saying it either. I don't even feel like explaining why. Just know it yourself. On top of that, they offer two of their albums for FREE DOWNLOAD!! Who does that? Honestly?!! More punctuation^*&!

Spreepark Jetz! (mp3) from We're Reinventing Music

We're reinventing music (zip)
The Gaysian Invasion (zip)



Somehow associated with this band is Woodpigeon which is my other latest obsession (perhaps it's cos' both bands share my love of glockenspiels).

Super Fun Facts:
  1. They're like... the best
  2. They were named one of the top 10 hot new bands on (among Land of Talk, Thunderheist, Crystal Castles, Paper Cranes, etc).
  3. They have 7 members (or more)!!
  4. Download/listen to "Death by Ninja" on their myspace.

ladybug ladybird (mp3) from Houndstooth EP (which can be downloaded off their myspace)
This is the sound of us playing music (Download mp3)


1 thoughts:

yayayaaaaa i love woodpigeon!!
my friend kelly randomly burned their music, among others, but theirs was definitely one of the most exciting - sooo pretty! like you!

love, sam

March 6, 2008 at 3:41 p.m.  

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