Dear Kickball: Tour Canada


So, I was thinking, what are my old friends Kickball doing these days.. and what to my wondering eyes did appear- a wonderful release from just last year. The drummer also released a DIY guide to .. drum roll please.. drumming! It looks pretty sweet and comes with a CD of beats and exercises (check their myspace page). I was super obsessed with these guys (esp. the album 'Huckleberry Eater') so I bought all of their discography in one swift Paypal action a while back. It's obvious now their sound is always evolving, changing, deranging. Most evidence of this however is in 'Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle Everything Is'. It contains a lot less cutesy indie pop with some added screeches and yelps in there (rather than grunts and moans I suppose). They have the kind of songs where there's at least one lyric in each that sticks in your head forever and ever and ever. Words that might otherwise seem meaningless and confucius are made in to mini-anthems. That and the catchy unmistakeablyKickballguitarriffs that complement are just a couple of things that make this band so so so endearing. Sing it with me "If you fight, it's automatically a fight!... I live in my arms!... If you build a house at the beach, it's automatically a beach house!".

Kickball - Fight (mp3)
Kickball - Pocketknife (mp3)
Kickball - Bird (mp3) - from 'Huckleberry Eater'
Kickball - Party (mp3) - from 'Abcdefghijkickball'

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