Ideological Evolution

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{{{SUNSET}}} - Zombies (mp3)

Fred's eyelids flutter just before noon, greeted by sunshine tickling his face. A grin spontaneously grows under his nose and he rolls out of bed. Fred puts the coffee on and starts running the shower. A trembling groan of release thunders from his mouth as the warm water washes the stale sleep away. Eventually, he perches next to the window, sipping his coffee while meditatively losing himself in the city’s skyline. Looking forward to approaching the day ahead, he surrenders to this self-indulgent moment. The peculiar thing about Fred is that he has an insatiable appetite for brains. Open your mind; don’t be a component of the structural violence assailing these lovable creatures, the result of a socially-constructed stigma. {{{SUNSET}}} start their North American tour this May. (myspace)

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