Sweet Dreams

[Photo: January 15 emergency landing in the Hudson River. Everyone survived. No fatalities? What a waste of air-time.]

To whisk you away from deep-winter blues and the woes of a dark economic outlook, our beloved Animal Collective have released Merriweather Post Pavillion this month on Domino. This album delivers (as some may argue) Animal Collective's first holistically palatable LP. With consistently enchanting and uplifting (in a Slumdog Millionaire kinda way) pieces, MPP is familiar without redundancy, to a devout Animal Collective listener. That being said, although 100% of the album ranks above average, it lacks the conspicuous charms of songs like Grass from Feels, Peacebone from Strawberry Jam, or Water Curses' self-titled track.

Animal Collective - In the Flowers

You know what, In the Flowers comes damn close. This love-induced hallucination, indeed, almost causes you to "leave [your] body for the night", swirling mid-air while watching her smile as she mouth the words "I like this song." A sonically captivating reverie.

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I've been listening to Animal Collective all week! I didn't know they had a new album!

January 18, 2009 at 10:49 p.m.  

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