and when you're feelin' blue...

What do you think when you hear this? Myself I think of Indian Summer (name of a song) which gets me excited for hearing to see if they are similar.
Recently this vancouver band finally put up a song / myspace. This incarnation of it sounds like Dog Day to myself and friends. But also intrigues me as 3/4 members are in hardcore bands i have booked in Victoria.
Giles d.f Roy of Set Foot
W. Alexander Pomeroy of Bodyguard
Naoyuki Harada (aka Noogz) of Set Foot, Needles
All also friends of mine, i had heard of this project before, originally it was a Indian Summer style band when Giles and Alex started it with others, now the line up is just indie pop goodness.

Check out them out! I am working on getting them out here for Jan 9th.
Which i will make a post about that show on here and get you all excited for Railcars.

Sorry I don't have an image to attach!!

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