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Lately, I don't see the point in words when describing music. It just causes frustration when I accurately try to define the genre. I like the way gramophone does things, but then I'd be totally unoriginal. Just click, or right click & open in new tab, or right-click save-as, whatever your preference. It's all I ask.

A small amount of people know about Lost on Purpose. Not that it matters, I just don't understand why.

Lost on Purpose-London.mp3 (Bitchin' lyrics)
Lost on Purpose-Ohio 2.mp3
Lost on Purpose-1234.mp3 (created before Feist's)

Find more mp3's here.

P.S. He posts new demos to download quite frequently on his website. Just go through the blog and find 'em. They're all good. Seriously. I don't know how someone can be so consistent.

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