Yelle - A Cause De Garcons

2 drum sets + 2 turn tables + 1 french trashy electro-pop star = ce soir

Yelle: essentially, "she's Emily Haines' sex appeal meets Feist's looks meets Kylie Minogue's dance moves" (Tory Nash--sorry I copped your steez, by the way).

I have never before been so excited to repeatedly yell "I want to see you in a pornographic film".

There's a reason why the French call it "un spectacle" -- an accurate label for this free FrancoFolies Festival show in Montreal. Preparing for this event for weeks, us french-learning-lushes, prepping vivid face paint and neon spandex, partied hard with this babe. The woman had a fierce control of the stage. Her quirky jigs and effectuating interaction with the audience enticed the crowd to go nuts. Girl jumps on the drums during bridges. The experience was choreographed like a flawless theatre production set to electrifying dance music. All I can say is check her out if she comes by your parts [myspace].

PS: Coming soon to a scenester party near you: Nas bringing back the air guitar

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Lets get our 'air guitar' on!
I wish I could have been there... but 'so you think you can dance' was on... i'm fuckin' lame.

August 1, 2008 at 6:57 a.m.  

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