What Seas, What Shores

Recently got back from Windsor, Ontario where I was the CFUV delegate for the National Campus and Community Radio Conference. Well anyways at this Conference they had Showcase shows every night and the first night a local band from Windsor Ontario played, by the name of What Seas, What Shores.

I wasn't BLOWN away by their set but it still was REALLY SWEET and i am excited to see what they do in the future, Post-rocky slow progression into something loud... everyone loves this right? haha

They recently finished recording an album that should be out this summer according to their myspace, and are planning a westward tour. Hopefully they can make it here to Victoria.

Check them out here at their myspace. The tracks on myspace don't really catch the live vibe from the show or their intensity.

Will do a much another post sometime in the weeks that follow that has more to say on an artist.

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