When I hear of a new release from Prosthetic Records, my palms start to sweat. Not much information on new signing Century, but what does it matter when their record destroys this hard. Originally an audio engineering/graphic design project for frontman Carson Slovak (something I can very much identify with), Century have since matured into a full-time band... and a punishing one at that. With elements of Cave-In/Converge/The Minor Times/Envy/"Satellite Years"-era Hopesfall, Century churns out the bangers with virtually no fat or excess usually associated with a concept album. Just what the concept is however, is known only to the band. Their website/myspace page talks about a cipher being included somewhere on the album that can be used to unlock more information, but until I figure it out, I'll have to settle for the unrelenting energy of this album's 10 tracks.
It's refreshing to hear a band not relying on tuning to ridiculously low B's and A's to compete for heaviness. Century's Black Ocean rarely slips into metal cliche, and is a great example of the new progressive wave of American metal finally managing to creep it's way into the mainstream. A must-buy.

Available April 29th
on Prosthetic Records.

Ridiculous album trailer HERE
* Zshare isn't doing me any favours, so download the single "Black Ocean" here



Caleb Scofield (Zozobra, ex-Cave-In) - Vocals, Bass

Aaron Harris (Isis) - Drums
Miles Chic (bands that rip off above artists) - Excited fan-boy

Caleb's got the best scream in the biz in my humble opinion, read about/hear it here.
Not even a MySpace page, I love it.

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