In an attempt to balance out my sporadic posting, I bring you this edition of Harmonic Tremors a whole day early. Believe it.

I shouldn't have to say anything about my obsession with/undying respect for the Louisville, KY hardcore scene. It's undeniably one of the few consistently-progressive heavy-music scenes in North America, and alumni Lords are a shining example of the region's talent. 2005 saw the release of "Swords", a juggernaut of throwback punk/metal riffing, which easily was one of the most punishing (and shortest) releases of that year. New tracks on their myspace page (Blasphemy Act, Man Everything Sucks) hopefully means a new EP/LP in the works, so open a Pabst and get into it. They're currently on tour in Eastern Canada right now, so if you live in the GTA, go thrash your brains out.
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*Lords (Myspace)
*Lords - Stigmata Rites (from "Swords", Jade Tree 2005)


Some friends of mine recently had a full-length produced by a member of this Winnipeg instrumental-grind band, and hearing their name reminded me how stoked I was on their LP "Gretzky". Released in '06 on Willowtip Records, Gretzky is 52 minutes of power. Front to back. Any band who quotes Metallica specifically
between '83 and '88 as an influence is alright in my books. Astoundingly technical, yet still completely enjoyable (The Right to Bare Arms). Three guitars, three times more harmonies (Eyepatch Romance). One of the few reasons not to hate Winnipeg.

*Electro Quarterstaff (Myspace)
*Electro Quarterstaff - Eyepatch Romance (from "Gretzky", Willowtip 2006)
*Electro Quarterstaff - The Right to Bare Arms (from "Gretzky", Willowtip 2006)
-10 points to anyone who guess the origin of the quote in the beginning, it's easy-


How am I going to make it until Sunday?

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hunny, it's not a magazine, no weekly columns. you can post whenever.

April 14, 2008 at 7:46 p.m.  


i need to get more physical copies of their stuff... well vinyl.. but yeah.. been jamming their split with In Tongues a lot recently

April 15, 2008 at 12:13 p.m.  

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