Black Mountain

Someone go see these guys in Toronto with me. They're on some mad four-month tour right now and I have a feeling they'd be superb live, epic even. Oh, I hope 'guys' is non-gender specific cause there's a female in it too. I wasn't sure about them at first cos' they sounded like some serious heavy alt. rock, but then they go all bipolar on you and coo soft melodies in your ear. I think you have to listen to a few of their songs to really 'get it'. And I guess being on Jagjaguwar means you must have that somethin'. Yay vague music reviews! Their album In the Future is out right now on said label. So, give it a good listen and maybe you'll get 'it', whatever the hell I am referring to.

Stream 14 tracks here!!!: Black Mountain on CBC3
Buy In the Future here

camilla pizzabaseball out.

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Hey girl,
That female is Amy Webber, who also sings backups on the Early Day Miners records.

January 31, 2008 at 8:36 p.m.  

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